Be A Gentleman

I expect you to be a gentleman in all our interactions - before, during and after our time together. I am a sensitive, caring woman with personal limits, needs and boundaries that must be respected at all times. 


Please note, should I feel disrespected or that my well-being is in detriment at any time I will cancel our date immediately without refund.

Date Deposit

Your 25% date deposit is the finalization of our time together. Once I've screened and verified you, I will request your date deposit in the form of an e-gift card of my selection made out to 


I maintain a clean and polished presence. If there's a need to freshen up, please take the time to do so. 


Upon arrival, please have my rate in an unsealed envelope or gift bag. You may hand this to me upon my arrival, or have it in plain sight.

Perhaps you would like to accompany your consideration with a gift from my wishlist. Although not required, this is the easiest way to set yourself apart as the gentleman I adore and wish to highly appreciate in return.